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Scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented,
virtuous and dedicated

Chongqing Baohui Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional steel structure contractor with first-class qualification and special-class qualification in steel structure manufacturing, integrating steel structure design, R & D, sales, manufacturing and construction. Founded on July 1, 2002, the company has two steel structure production, processing and R & D bases, covering an area of about 300 mu, plant area of 65000 square meters, material and component storage yard area of 30000 square meters. It is equipped with more than 500 sets of advanced production equipment, with an annual production capacity of 250000 tons, involving heavy steel, light steel, box girder, truss, grid frame, tower, C, Z-shaped steel, color plate, bridge. , production and installation of metal structures in various fields such as ships, container tanks, urban infrastructure, port hoisting machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection equipment, etc. At present, it is the largest steel structure general contractor with the most advanced equipment and processing capacity in the same industry in Southwest China.

In recent years, with the continuous and lasting reform and development of the enterprise, the company has successively become a member unit of China Steel Structure Association, a director unit of China Construction metal structure, a vice president unit of Chongqing Construction Council, a vice president unit of Chongqing Steel Structure Association, and a director unit of Chongqing Construction Association. Every year, the company is rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise and an advanced enterprise in the construction industry. Industry. In 2010, it was rated as the national excellent construction enterprise of engineering construction, and in 2011, it was rated as the advanced unit of construction safety production, among which the Yonghang phase III project contracted was selected as the national high-quality project, and the Beibei stadium project contracted was awarded the international Membrane Structure Association (IFAI) outstanding achievement award.

Baohui company's technology, design, R & D has a large number of professional engineers from related design and research institutes, engineering companies and other professional fields to participate in and carry out technical guidance and consultation. Through close cooperation between industry, University and Research Institute, the supporting units have established cooperative relations with many design institutes, Chongqing University, etc. and are focusing on developing steel structure products required by various industries.

Since its establishment, the company has trained and cultivated a large number of talents with excellent technology and standardized management through self-cultivation, international and domestic cooperation and long-term scientific research. It has many national first-class registered structural engineers, national first-class construction engineers, registered supervision engineers, cost engineers, professor level senior engineers and senior engineers. The chief designer is from the iron and Steel Design Institute. As a senior professor level senior engineer. With professional technical talents, Baohui company has strong product design, development, production, construction strength and technical advantages, and has strong core competitiveness in the same industry.

The company has rich experience in steel structure construction, with nearly 2 million square meters of projects under construction and under construction. It has successively undertaken the projects of Chongqing Xinfu Food Co., Ltd. invested by foreign investors, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport expansion project, Chongqing Yonghang metal products Co., Ltd., Chongqing Qinchuan Industrial Co., Ltd., southwest 4S shop series of China Automobile Corporation, military products factory and war readiness warehouse of the Ministry of military engineering, Dachuan International logistics building materials City, roof steel structure of jiangbeizui international financial center. Cheng, Chongqing Beibei Jinyun Sports Center, Southwest University Gymnasium, Chongqing Longxin center super high-rise landmark building, Chongqing T3 terminal concrete steel tube column structure, Chengdu Dacisi super high-rise steel tube column structure, Chengdu Tencent QQ headquarters building heavy truss structure and a large number of key projects.

The company adheres to the business tenet of "scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, high morality and dedication", establishes an advanced "four in one" integrated management system, forms a perfect marketing network, walks out of a development path of professional development and large-scale operation, and lays a solid foundation for Baohui steel structure to develop into a pillar enterprise of steel structure industry in Southwest China.

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